What is an MRI scan?

MR scanning uses a magnetic field to acquire images of the body. There is no radiation involved. We have a brand new completely refurbished state of the art MR scanning suite with 3 new MR scanners using the latest technology to acquire the best quality images, and most recent software to display these images. These imaging devices are capable of scanning all parts of the body, producing high quality resolution scans in 20-40 minutes (depending on the part of the body being scanned.) These images are then interpreted by specialist Radiology Consultants to diagnose your illness and guide further treatment.


What happens during an MRI scan?

You will be booked into the department upon arrival. The scan may require injection of a contrast dye to highlight certain organs and blood vessels to improve the quality of the scan, depending upon the part of the body being scanned. If this is required a needle will be inserted, usually in your forearm.

You will then be taken into the MR scanning suite by a radiographer who will explain carefully what will happen to you and answer any questions you have. You will then lie flat inside a ring shaped machine. You will be in the scanner for around 40 minutes. The MR scan is painless but is quite loud and you will be given some headphones to mask this.


Why choose to have a MRI scan with Christie Oncology Imaging?

Christie Oncology Imaging has over 20 years experience in MRI imaging and our consultants have a strong reputation as leaders in the field of oncology imaging. Many of our consultants are world renowned experts in different areas of oncology imaging and have published and lectured extensively. We pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible standards in imaging, with the attention to detail and expertise required to do the very best for our patients.


How do I pay for my MRI scan?

We welcome both insured and self-pay patients