What is a CT scan?

CT or 'computed tomography' uses X-rays in an advanced way to reconstruct images that are cross-sections or 'slices' of your body.

At Christie Oncology imaging our expert Radiology consultants interpret these images to help diagnose and stage cancers as well as other illnesses, and guide further treatment. Our scanners use the latest Siemens technology to reduce the radiation dose you receive whilst acquiring the best quality images. The CT scanning suite has also been recently refurbished to provide a comfortable and relaxing waiting area prior to your scan.


What happens during a CT scan?

You are booked into the department upon arrival. It is likely you will have to have a drink prior to the scan to help demonstrate the bowel loops adequately and improve the quality of the scan. If this is required you will be asked to come around 1 hour prior to the actual CT appointment time. You may also require an injection of an X-ray dye known as contrast agent because this will make certain organs or blood vessels show up more clearly on the scan. This will require a needle inserting, usually into the forearm.

A radiographer will then take you into the CT scanning suite, and explain carefully what will happen to you and answer any questions you have. You will then lie flat inside a ring-shaped machine and the ring will rotate around your body. You will be in the scanner for around 10 minutes. The CT scan is painless.

After the scan you will be required to wait in the department for around 20 minutes to ensure no adverse reactions to the contrast occur.


Why choose to have a CT scan with Christie Oncology Imaging?

Christie Oncology Imaging has over 20 years experience in CT imaging and our consultants have a strong reputation as leaders in the field of oncology imaging. Many of our consultants are world renowned experts in different areas of oncology imaging and have published and lectured extensively. We pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible standards in imaging, with the attention to detail and expertise required to do the very best for our patients.


How do I pay for my CT scan?

We welcome both insured and self-pay patients