International patients and Christie Oncology Imaging

At Christie Oncology Imaging we welcome patients come from all over the world to access the expertise of our consultants in oncology diagnostics and intervention.


Information required for a referral

International patients are invited to write to with any queries. You will sometimes require a referral letter in order to make an appointment with our consultants. It is important to include all your medical information in order to evaluate your condition and recommend the most appropriate investigation and intervention as part of your treatment plan. It is important to send all your recent scans and medical reports prior to your appointment. Assessing your suitability for treatment in advance of making your travel plans is important, so you do not incur any travel costs unnecessarily.


Billing and Payment

If you have a local national insurance policy or if you are sponsored by your government, we will request a letter of guarantee from them or of payment for your treatment in advance of your appointment with a Christie Oncology Imaging Consultant. You will have to pay Christie Oncology Imaging directly for any costs relating to your treatment that is not covered by your insurer guarantee.

Please provide us with the full details of your medical insurer when making your appointment so we can check well in advance for the level of payment they will guarantee.


Travelling and Visas

Christie Oncology Imaging and Christie Private Care are not able to make any travel or visa arrangements for international patients, however we will be happy to help with any applications you may need.


For more information please contact The Christie Private care contact centre: