Christie Oncology Imaging was founded in 1996 by Dr Bernadette Carrington and Dr Jeremy Lawrance with the primary objective to deliver world class cancer care to our patients. The group consists of radiology experts who work in a world leading cancer centre where they use their expertise on a daily basis to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.

The imaging and interventional expertise in the group covers all types of cancer. Patients benefit from access to a unique breadth of knowledge and diverse specialist skills, which include cross-sectional imaging (CT and MR), PET CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and interventional oncology. The team uses state-of-the art equipment to deliver the very best service for our patients.

The cohesive group approach enhances the patient experience and guarantees the highest level of care. Patients benefit from a world renowned team of consultants who are focused on delivering accurate early diagnosis and minimally invasive therapies (pinhole treatments).